CEO's Massage

I-Plant has outstanding manpower and accumulated know-how more than
20 years in Heater Fabrication, Erection & Maintenance area of Chemical Plant Facility.

We shall take our best effort in Quality, Delivery and Services.
Furthermore I-Plant shall take step further as a reputable globalized specialist company not only in Korea but also in overseas countries

  • Dear customers

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    I-Plant is a company that does fabricates, erects, maintenance.
    Heater is one of the most important items in Petrochemical Plant. In order to fabricate, erect & maintenance heaters, a variety of capabilities are needed including specialized technology, experience, many kinds of performance, follow-up management, and rapid response to various customer requirements.

    We promise to grow into a reputable globalized specialist in Petrochemical industries with more than 20 years of know-how by providing perfect quality and service based on deep trust of our customers.

    In addition, we will strive to strengthen our core competencies in order to grow into a globalized specialist company both domestically and internationally.

    I promise we will always be the ones who are trying to make the best efforts from the standpoint of customers.
    Please keep an eye on us as we leap forward.